Beachbody Beachbars Review

Here’s the best Beachbody Beachbars review you will find. And yes, they are known as Beachbody Snack Bars as well. Anyways, back in the day Beachbody had these glorious protein bars called P90X bars that I ate like candy while I was going through my first round of P90X. The bad thing is that they were pretty much like candy, containing loads of sugar. Probably why they tasted so good, eh? They wren’t terrible quality, but they weren’t the best either. But they stopped selling the P90X bars because they probably realized they didn’t go along with their brand of creating super high quality products. Since they took those bars away I’ve been impatiently waiting for a new better bar to come out and replace them. Us Coaches were told years ago that a “new bar was being developed.” Awesome. Got me pumped up, but then I was left hanging. I heard nothing until recently. Then in 2017 we were told that the new Beachbars were coming out in April of 2018. These bars were going to be of the highest quality and packed with nutrition without any artificial ingredients. Then a few months back a select few top Coaches had the opportunity to try out the new Beachbars flavors. I was one of those Coaches. Here are my thoughts.

Beachbody Beachbars Review

Beachbars Quality

If you know me, you understand that I don’t consume anything regularly that isn’t of the highest quality. I haven’t since being diagnosed with Lyme Disease back in 2015. I’ve healed myself from the disease after intense treatment, but I have to make sure I keep my immune system strong by only consuming good quality food, drinks, and supplements. When I heard about the new Beachbars being released, I was hoping that they were (1) going to be without any artificial coloring or flavoring and (2) going to be low in sugar. Anything can taste good with a lot of sugar. The real test is creating something that tastes good without all the artificial crap and sugar. I travel often and am constantly searching for good snack bars to take with me. Airport food sucks, so I’d rather eat a good quality protein bar to tie me over until I reach my destination. I have researched and tried out a lot of protein/snack bars over the years and it’s very rare that I come across one that is of excellent quality. Beachbars is one of the rare ones.

What does it contain? I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t think that they would be able to create a bar that had the right amount of protein, carbs, and sugar and taste good at the same time. However, they have achieved just that. Here is a breakdown.

  • 10g protein
  • 150 calories
  • 4g fiber
  • Gluten free
  • 5-6g sugar
  • 7g healthy fats (0g trans fats)
  • NO soy lecithin
  • Whey and pea protein crisps
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Dried cherries
  • Peanut and almond nut butters
  • Real chocolate chips (derived from cocoa beans)
  • Diced peanuts and almonds

beachbody beachbars review

Beachbars Taste

OK, the quality is there, what do the Beachbody Beachbars taste like? Here’s my Beachbody Beachbars review on the taste. First of all, there are two flavors, chocolate cherry almond and chocolate peanut butter. I’ve had the privilege of trying them both and let me just tell you that they are absolutely fantastic tasting! If they tasted awful, I would tell you, but they don’t. They are incredible, simple as that. The chocolate cherry almond tastes exactly how it sounds. You tastes all the flavors. Plus, there is a crunchy crisp to it. The chocolate peanut butter again tastes just as it sounds. I’m a huge peanut butter and chocolate fan and the flavors of both are very prominent in the bar.

Beachbars Price

I thought that such a high quality bar would cost a lot more than other bars on the market, but that’s not the case. Here’s the breakdown.

US Non-Coach Price

  • 1 box = 15 bars = $39.80 = $2.65 per bar
  • 2 boxes = 30 bars = $79.60 = $2.65 per bar
  • 3 boxes = 45 bars = $119.40 = $2.65 per bar

US Coach Price

  • 1 box = 15 bars = $29.85 = $1.99 per bar
  • 2 boxes = 30 bars = $59.70 = $1.99 per bar
  • 3 boxes = 45 bars = $89.55 = $1.99 per bar

Canada Non-Coach Price

  • 1 box = 15 bars = $48.80 = $3.25 per bar
  • 2 boxes = 30 bars = $97.60 = $3.25 per bar
  • 3 boxes = 45 bars = $146.40 = $3.25 per bar

Canada Coach Price

  • 1 box = 15 bars = $36.60 = $2.44 per bar
  • 2 boxes = 30 bars = $73.20 = $2.44 per bar
  • 3 boxes = 45 bars = $109.80 = $2.44 per bar

UK Non-Coach Price

  • 1 box = 15 bars = £39.79 = £2.64 per bar
  • 2 boxes = 30 bars = £79.60 = £2.64 per bar
  • 3 boxes = 45 bars = £119.3 = £2.64 per bar

UK Coach Price

  • 1 box = 15 bars = £29.84 = £1.98 per bar
  • 2 boxes = 30 bars = £59.7 = £1.98 per bar
  • 3 boxes = 45 bars = £89.5 = £1.98 per bar

Competitor Comparison

How do the Beachbody Beachbars stack up to it’s competitors?

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you found my Beachbody Beachbars Review helpful. If you’re looking for a good, high quality, excellent tasting protein/snack bar, you can’t go wrong with these bad boys. I actually just ordered 3 boxes (2 chocolate peanut butter and 1 chocolate cherry almond) recently. If you’re ready to purchase the Beachbars, just EMAIL ME at or click on the links below! If you have any questions, such as how to get the Coach price, email, Facebook Message, or Instagram DM me.

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