Beachbody Business and Learning to Snowboard

A few years ago when I returned from our annual “Guy’s Snowboard Trip,” I decided to write a blog post on my I Want to Get Ripped site about how snowboarding relates to life in general. This year, though, I was talking to a good friend of mine and fellow Elite Beachbody Coach, Jimmy Nelson, about how much learning to snowboard not only relates to life, but specifically the Beachbody Business. The learning process that beginner snowboarders go through is merely identical to the process that new Beachbody Coaches go through when they first sign up. It’s interesting to me, the process that happens when Coaches sign up, that is. When people sign up to become a Beachbody Coach, they know nothing about the business. Well they might know a little from doing research, but they are practically clueless about what’s ahead, the obstacles they will come across, the objections people will give, the mental strength it takes to overcome those obstacles and objections, and how tough starting your own business really can be. It’s not easy and it can be extremely overwhelming, especially for someone with no prior business experience. Most people give up after a month or two because they simply aren’t ready for it. The same goes with snowboarding. I’m going to talk about how the two relate below.

When you snowboard for the first time, you don’t know what to expect. You might have an idea from talking to your buddies, but in reality you don’t truly understand until you experience it for yourself. When you stand up on that board for the first time, nerves take ahold of you, your balance will be off, and you might be thinking, “How in the hell am I going to go down a mountain on this thing? I can’t even stand up yet!” You immediately get overwhelmed because you suddenly come to the understanding that you will not become a professional snowboarder overnight. Rather, it’s going to take a LONG time for you to get the hang of it. You stand up, fall, stand up, fall, stand up, move a few inches and then fall. That is your entire first day. Tired, sore, ticked off, you aren’t really enjoying this whole process. You might even want throw in the towel the first day, and some people will because they believe it’s just not worth it. However, when you get up the next morning, quads on fire, neck sore, butt bruised, there is something deep inside you that wants to keep pushing forward, so you do.

Whistler Picture

When you get on the mountain the second day, you remember some of the basics you were taught the day before. You also remember all those times you fell and start analyzing the reasons why you fell so that you don’t make those mistakes again. You’re already insanely sore anyways, why would you want to be even more sore than you already are? So you make adjustments. Today you fall quite a bit, but it’s not as much as yesterday. You can actually make it 5-10 feet this time without falling, a big improvement from yesterday. While during the first day you couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, suddenly you see this little speckle of light way, way, way out there, maybe miles and miles away, but it’s there. You have a little glimmer of hope, and you start to believe that maybe, just maybe you can make this happen. Your confidence increases slightly, but you are still very hesitant. Whenever you feel like you’re going too quickly, you fall down or lean back to your comfort zone, or back leg. When you go back to that comfort zone, you fall. At the end of day 2 you feel a little better, but not too much.

Day 3 rolls around and you can barely get up in the morning. Your legs are toast, neck stiff, and you start thinking that there is no way you are boarding today. A rest day sounds wonderful, but again, the competitiveness comes out in you and you just want to keep pushing forward. You only have a few days of the trip left anyways, why would you want to waste them? So you stretch, put on your big boy pants and force yourself to go out there. Today you are more confident than you were yesterday, and can make it 10-15 feet without falling. When you start to pick up speed this time, instead of bailing, you push yourself a little harder, start to stay a little more balanced. You still fall quite a bit, but it’s nothing like it was on day one. Each day you learn and make more and more adjustments so that you don’t fall. Falling sucks, and you’re going to do everything you can to make sure that you limit the number of times you do fall. Day 4 is very similar to day 3 and normally you don’t make much progress at all, maybe just a tiny bit. The trip is over and you’re ready to head home. The next trip, though, is when things really begin to change.

WhistlerBefore you head on your next trip, you do research, watch videos, and learn some of the tricks to get better at snowboarding. Like riding a bike, your body remembers the things you learned and you just build on that knowledge so that you continue to improve. By the time the next trip arrives, you now have more confidence than you did on your first trip. When you get on that mountain for the first time, you suddenly realize that you feel 100X better than you did the first day of boarding. Each day you continue to improve your skills, stay more balanced, step outside your comfort zone, and learn something new. By the end of the trip you might even learn how to use your edges to turn instead of kicking out your back leg, and you might be staying up most of the time instead of falling down. You are probably just sticking to the Greens and Blues for the time being, though, because the Black Diamonds are just a little too intimidating. You are confident, but not THAT confident yet.

Every trip after that snowboarding gets easier and easier to the point where you can go on the mountain and have zero fear. Rather, you just see a hill and just fly down it, regardless if it’s a Diamond or Double Black Diamond. You are fast, agile, in better shape, but you still learn something, even if it’s small, each day that you hop on that board. You might even start experiencing with some jumps. At first you will try the tiny jumps and fall, but you keep trying, keep making adjustments, so that you can move to bigger and bigger jumps. Eventually you get to the point where you are confident in everything that you do and you can go out and enjoy snowboarding, push yourself, experience the constant thrill and enjoyment. You might even start teaching your newbie snowboard friends, but you always have to keep in mind how you felt and what you went through when you first began. Put yourself in their shoes and remember how bad it sucked when you first began!

Everything that I just mentioned above, the process that new snowboarders go through, is the EXACT same process that New Beachbody Coaches experience! When a New Coach signs up, they have no idea what to expect. They start with the Team Training or go through the Coach Basics and it looks like a foreign language. “What the heck is a Challenge Group?” might be running through your mind. There is so much information, so much to do, that you might get overwhelmed and have no idea where to even start. The Beachbody Business is a complex thing and it’s going to take TIME to learn! Don’t expect to know everything right off the bat. Rather, take it one step at a time. Anyways, you start digging into the training and after a few days, you gain some basic knowledge of what a Challenge Group is and how to initially approach people. You begin learning about what a Success Point is and begin being a “product of the product” by using Shakeology daily. After the first week, you are still very overwhelmed, but you have a little better understanding of exactly what this whole Beachbody Coach thing really is. You may see your upline making over $1M a year and it may seem SO FAR out of reach and you may have no idea how to even get there. All you’re focused on right now is week 2. Week 1 of Coaching is just like Day 1 of learning to snowboard.

Week 2 rolls around and you start talking to people about Challenge Groups, but they want nothing to do with it. You keep coming across constant objections and you have no idea how to get beyond them. “Maybe I sound like a salesperson?” and “What am I doing wrong?” keeps running through your mind. You begin to get frustrated and start thinking to yourself if this is really worth it. Some will already begin taking a step back at this point because it’s so far beyond their comfort zone, but the strong will continue on. Those who keep pushing forward look back at their approach, determine where they went wrong, and make small adjustments so that they don’t make the same mistake again. They also talk to their upline about certain objections and learn what they do to get past them. After reaching out to what seems like a TON of people, one person finally shows interest, and you recommend a P90X3 Challenge Pack, which they end up purchasing. You are excited because (1) You just sold your first program, and (2) You just received your first commission. Life is good! Your confidence begins to increase just the tiniest bit.

During week 3, you still struggle greatly with getting people to respond, but instead of just one person showing interest, you now have 3. It was because you figured out what you said to the person in week 2 to get them involved and you just copied that approach. If it worked the first time, it’s got to work again, right? You are already learning from your experiences over the past 2 weeks. You are still getting a lot of objections, but you have figured out the right way to handle them. However, you are still a little “choppy” when you are speaking with people because you haven’t done it enough yet. That’s OK. You are also still overwhelmed with all the new information, but it’s slowly starting to add up and make more sense. It no longer looks like a foreign language, just some really bad English that you’re having a hard time understanding. You’re confidence is starting to pick up.

You hit a wall during week 4 and only 1 person shows interest in what you have to offer. You get frustrated, might want to start making excuses, but you refrain and take responsibility for your actions. You ask yourself, “Where did I go wrong? What did I change from last week? What is the issue here?” You might think you will never reach your goals at this pace, but you keep trucking along, keep making adjustments, keep moving forward. You tell yourself that you are so much further along than you were on day 1, and it’s the truth! You are already a completely different person. You have also already separated yourself from the majority of new Coaches. Why? Because you are still here, still working, still learning, and still making adjustments. Most people give up at the first sign of struggle, but not you. You are a warrior, and you will NEVER give up! At the end of the week after putting in what feels like 1,000 hours of work, you get your first Coach prospect. You get them on the phone, hands shaking, unsure of what to say, praying you don’t come across like a salesperson, praying they don’t ask you the one objection that you have no idea how to handle, but you get through the call and they sign up. You are on top of the world! Bam, you signed up your first Coach. Now you have to learn how to be a leader.

beachbody coach successMonth one in the books, now on to month 2. This month you are getting more people interested in the programs, Shakeology, and Coaching, and it’s because of the work you put in and the adjustments you made since month 1. The Beachbody Business becomes a little more clearer, but you know you still have a lot to learn. You reached Success Club 5 during your first month and challenge yourself to reach Success Club 10 this month. You are starting to earn a weekly commission, maybe a $100 – $200, which is wonderful in your eyes! It helps pay the bills, right? This is the month where you start doing your own research and figure out what you can do to separate you from the rest of the Coaches out there. What can you do to be different? How can you think outside the box? You find something that you think will work, try it out, but discover it is a massive failure. You’re deflated, frustrated, and upset, just like you would be when you try doing a snowboard jump or go down a Black Diamond for the first time. However, you keep doing more research, keep learning, keep practicing, and then find something else that you think will work, and crazy enough, it does! On top of the world once again, you feel invincible and you have an outstanding month, reaching Success Club 12!

Every month from that point forward you are feeling more and more confident with yourself, with the business, with your approach, with your leadership capabilities. When you talk to people now, it becomes a lot smoother than it was in the beginning and that’s because you have done it so many times. The more you practice, the better you become! You have also discovered a few things that work perfectly for you and keep doing them over and over and over again. There is no reason to quit doing what’s working, right? However, eventually what was working so well before is now no longer working, but instead of getting frustrated, because of your experience with failure, you understand that all you need to do is keep making adjustments and that’s exactly what you do. Beachbody Coaching is all about learning from your failures, adjusting, and staying consistent. After a few years of committing to the business and developing yourself, you are now a 5 Star Diamond Coach making over $100,000 per year. You are that snowboarder who has complete confidence every time he heads out on the mountain! However, you aren’t satisfied and keep pushing harder and harder, keep reaching out to more and more people. Because you have done it so much now, you are more efficient and have a much higher conversion rate.  You are more organized, more focused, and have developed into a leader. You now know the business in and out and know what path you have to take to become super successful, like that upline making $1M per year. You see it, believe it, and eventually you get there.elite beachbody coach

As you can see, starting out as a Coach in the Beachbody Business is practically the same exact process as someone learning to snowboard! At first you will struggle, have absolutely no idea what you are doing, but the more you practice, the more you learn, the more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the better you will become and the easier it will get.  So if you are starting as a Beachbody Coach, understand that this will be the process you will go through, everyone does, including me, Josh Spencer, a 3 time Elite and Top Beachbody Coach 2010 who has been inducted into the Beachbody Millionaire Club. I know what it’s like to be completely overwhelmed, to have no idea what the next step is, to see just a tiny little light at the end of the tunnel, but I was one of the extremely rare few who stuck with it, worked hard, and stayed committed. Becoming a Top Beachbody Coach is like becoming a pro snowboarder, it’s going to take a long, drawn out process to get there!


  • Spoken from a true leader! Awesome story Josh and it explains perfectly where I’m at. It’s like any new job that’s overwhelming at 1st but the more you do it and the more you work at it the easier it becomes.

  • Nice analogy Josh! I remember a key in snowboarding was that moment of confidence riding the flat. At first you gouge your edges trying to stay up, but when you relax on the flat, the ride is a joy.
    That’s the moment you’re talking about. When you find your confidence working with a prospective client or developing that client into a coach. Relax on the flat. Have confidence in yourself and the payoff is a successful ride!

  • Awesome post! I loved reading this. it was a lot of fun reading this and very motivational! Thanks coach!

  • Great article Josh. I believe that some coaches are mislead in the beginning about the amount of work thats involved. Sure you can work 10 hours a week but thats eventually going to change if you want to get to the top. It seems like some coaches sign up and expect to instantly quit there job. This is real and it takes effort to reach your dreams and I am learning that it is so worth it!
    Thanks Josh


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