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beachbody coach successOne of the most common questions that I get when I’m at various Beachbody events, from other coaches across the network, and coaches on my team is, “What’s your Beachbody Coach success secret? Everyone seems to think that I’m successful because I have this secret formula that I’m just not sharing with them, but news flash, THAT’S NOT THE CASE! In fact, what you see with me is what you get. The things that I train my coaches on are the EXACT same things that I do myself! So why is it that some Beachbody coaches are extremely successful and others aren’t? If I look back, there is one thing that separates me from the rest of the crowd, and that’s my ability to stay CONSISTENT and WORK HARD every single day!

How I Learned About Hard Work

My work ethic started when I was about 12 years old. At that time I started playing travel baseball for the first time. Now, I wasn’t the best player on the team, in fact I might have been the worst. I hit in the 9 hole, played right field, and my batting average was CRAP! One night, my father came up to me and told me to go downstairs in the basement and hit 1,000 balls off the tee. Reluctantly, I did it, and by the time I was done my hands were destroyed. The next night he told me to do it again, and then again and again every night after that. In all honesty, I HATED IT! I’m not going to disobey my father, though, so I just sucked it up and went down and did it. Little did I know that he was teaching me the importance of hard work and working harder than everyone else. Fast forward a few months and I started noticing that I was getting better. I was seeing the ball better, hitting the ball better, and guess what, my batting average started increasing! Something then changed in me and suddenly it clicked, if I wanted to be good at something, I had to work hard at it every single day. From that point on, I started enjoying going down in the basement and hitting off the tee.

Maybe a year or so later I was at a hitting camp and as we were all sitting in a circle, the instructor said, “Raise your hand if you think you can come up here and hit 50 balls off the tee without hitting the tee.” Confidently, I raised my hand because I had done that THOUSANDS of times before! I looked around and realized I was the only one who had raised their hand. The instructor walked up to me and said, “OK son, get up here and prove it.” I walked up to the tee and hit 50 balls without hitting it once. He then said, “Now I want you to close your eyes and hit 50 more.” “Close my eyes? Really?” I thought to myself, but I closed my eyes, visualized where the ball would be, and swung like I had done thousands of times before. I didn’t hit the tee. He looked at me, almost puzzled (maybe it was impressed?) and said, “Now switch over to the left side and hit 50 more balls.” Now I was a little nervous because I had never done it before, but I did what he asked and jumped over to the other side and hit quite a few balls off the tee before he stopped me. He said, “I’m going to turn you into a switch hitter.” He saw my confidence and knew that the only way to get that confidence was to work hard day in and day out with my swing.

I went home and started working on my left handed swing, and by the time high school rolled around, I had begun hitting from the left side of the plate. I had become a switch hitter because of my work ethic. I was the starting center fielder and leadoff hitter for the team for years, and my senior year we went 32-2, losing in the State Championship game. I then got a scholarship to play ball in college, and wound up winning numerous conference, regional, and national awards my junior and senior years.

Why did I share those stories? Because that is the EXACT type of discipline and hard work that I have applied to both my health and now Beachbody Coach Business. It’s the reason why I have had an UNBELIEVABLE P90X transformation and the reason why I won the Top Beachbody Coach 2010 award! I have always known that if I want to be the best, I have to work harder than everyone else, and I confidently believe that I have done so and continue to do so every single day. Hard work and consistency are in my blood, and they are my Beachbody Coach success secret!

Hopefully from this post you now understand that I have no secret formula for success other than WORK HARD and STAY CONSISTENT! Understand, too, that success is not going to come overnight. Rather, it takes time and patience to see results with anything, especially the Beachbody Coach business. You can’t expect to start as a coach today and make $5,000 a week in 2 months, it just doesn’t work that way! However, if you can stay consistent, work hard on things that will help you stay productive daily, then over a period of a year, 2 years, 5 years you might see some Beachbody Coach success. Remember, never, ever give up! Keep pushing forward every single day.

*Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.

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