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During this past Summer I decided to give the Beachbody Ultimate Reset a try. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a 21 day total body reset, involving a strict diet and supplement regimen. The Reset starts out slowly eliminating things like meat, dairy, caffeine, and grains from you diet, eventually moving you to an all vegan plan. Anyways, I was excited to do it, but that excitement changed once I got started. I despised it while going through it, there’s no denying that, and I swore I would never recommend it to anyone. However, that mentality shifted afterwards. Find out why in my review.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review

Like I mentioned above, when Beachbody released the Ultimate Reset Cleanse, I was excited for it, just because of all the great reviews that I read and heard from those who took part in the test group. People were saying their cravings were gone, they lost weight, and they couldn’t explain it, but just felt healthier after going through it. It captured my attention and of course I wanted to give it a try, so Melinda and I decided to do it together.

Here’s a little background on me before I get into my actual review of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. I have always had terrible allergies and a caffeine addiction. Since I was young, I’ve had to take allergy pills to subdue my allergies, especially during the spring and early summer when everything was blooming. Pollen has been the worst for me, and I get itchy, watery eyes, sneeze quite a bit, and have runny noses. Also, I would have 1-2 cups coffee every morning, and sometimes more throughout the day. These two things right here caused some SERIOUS issues with me while going through the Ultimate Cleanse.

During the first week, we had some great meals like a vegan wrap and an excellent salmon dinner, and the supplements weren’t giving us any problems at all. Honestly, we were very surprised as to how great the diet really was! The supplements weren’t terrible I guess, other than the alkalinize, which tastes like crap. Seriously I had to choke it down, but I knew I needed to continue taking it! On the 2nd day, though, I started having some issues. I started to feel achy all over my body, and I come to find out it’s from the body starting to release all of the toxins stored up. It was a strange feeling and just hard to explain, but it wasn’t fun. I really felt it in my hips and legs for some reason. On top of that, I began having caffeine withdrawal. On day 2 I literally had one of the worst headaches that I’ve ever had. What was so terrible about it was that I wasn’t supposed to take anything for it, and it decided to stick around for a good 15 hours. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset recommends that you don’t take any medication during this time (unless your doctor says that you need to), and I wanted to follow the rules as close as I could. Then my allergies started kicking in, and it was almost like they were intensified by about 10 times. I sneezed so much that I’m pretty sure I set a new record! I was absolutely miserable during the first week. Last, and yes there was another issue, I felt very, very spaced out and exhausted during the first week. I had trouble thinking and focusing on anything, and just wanted to relax and do nothing!

Even though I had all of those issues during week 1, I kept pushing forward. I knew that everything I was experiencing was for a good reason, to help get rid of all the toxins and help reset my body back to normal. During week 2, though, I started having more issues. For one, I was absolutely STARVING by the end of the day! With the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, you don’t take in many calories, about 1,200 – 1,500 per day, and that was tough for me since I’m used to eating about 2,500 every day. However, you don’t work out AT ALL during the Ultimate Cleanse, so you don’t require as many calories as normal. Regardless, I was hungry. I had to eventually add in an extra snack so that I didn’t go to bed feeling like my stomach was eating itself. On top of that, I started having serious cravings for meat! I mean like bad. All I could think about was a steak and chicken. I don’t know what it was, but I just wanted meat. Of course I didn’t do anything about it and just “sucked it up,” but nonetheless it was not enjoyable. The worst part of week 2, though, was again, my allergies. They were destroying me, and at this point I started thinking I was having some sort of allergic reaction to the Ultimate Reset. After talking to a professional, they agreed and I had to cut the Ultimate Reset short. However, looking back I think it was just the time of year. I don’t think I would have those issues if I did the Beachbody Ultimate Reset again during the winter when nothing is blooming. Anyways, I quit the Reset after week 2, down about 8 lbs.

Post Beachbody Ultimate Reset

When I got done with the Ultimate Cleanse, I swore I would never recommend it to anyone because of my experience. As you could tell, it wasn’t fun. However, about a month later I looked back and realized that I had changed in many, many ways, and just felt healthier overall. I had no cravings for caffeine and actually stopped drinking it all together. To this day, I have maybe 1 cup of coffee per week. Also, I stopped eating beef. I have not had a steak since finishing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset about 5 months ago, something I used to have at least once or twice a week. On top of that, the way I think about food is significantly different. I shop organic a LOT more now, and eat foods that I never thought I would eat before. Just reading and learning about certain foods changed my entire perspective, and has changed the way I eat.

When I look back at the Beachbody Ultimate Cleanse, I’m actually satisfied with everything that happened even though my individual experience wasn’t so good. After talking to many people, my experience was definitely a rarity. I have seen some amazing transformations and results from people going through the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, and it’s something that I definitely recommend everyone to try at least once.


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