Becoming Healthy: 5 Tips

While at the ER the other night for Melinda (she’s OK now), I started looking around the room and couldn’t help but notice all of the obese and overweight people waiting to be seen by the doctor. Really, it was sad, and all I kept thinking was, “Where did these people go wrong?” and “Could they have made changes to prevent this?” Yes, they could have made changes, and there are simple little things that they could have done every day to change the outcome of where they currently are with their health. The question is, what are the specific things they could have done to go about becoming healthy? Being a part of the health and fitness industry for the past 5 years, there are a lot of things that they could have done, and I’m going to share 5 tips in becoming healthy below.

5 Tips For Becoming Healthy

(1) Read “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. In order to make great changes to your health, you first have to get your mind right and ready for change. You have to understand that becoming healthy involves small changes to your lifestyle on a consistent basis, and over time you will see results. It’s NOT something that will happen overnight, and that’s hard for people to understand, especially here in America where we are an instant gratification society. Once you can understand the “Slight Edge,” then you can start committing yourself.

(2) Make a decision and stick with it. This goes along with what I mentioned above, but you have to be willing to commit yourself day in and day out over a period of time. Too many people quit within the first few weeks of working out and eating healthy because they are too sore, it’s too hard, or they just don’t have the time. By the way, these are all excuses that I’ve heard over the years, and no, they aren’t good ones. If you want to succeed in becoming healthy, then you have to eliminate any and all excuses and commit yourself daily.

(3) Find yourself an accountability partner. This is an important one. If you want to go about becoming healthy, you have to have at least one person there to support you and hold you accountable. With me being a Beachbody Coach (make me your coach), that’s what I do every day. I make sure people are on track, staying committed, and push them every single day so that they get results with whatever workout program they are using. I also have Challenge Groups, where groups of people going through the same program meet on Facebook every day for accountability and support.

(4) Use My Fitness Pal. The diet is the toughest part in becoming healthy, but it’s also the most important. In fact, I tell all the people that I coach that results come from 80% diet and 20% workouts, just to put it into perspective. If you can’t commit yourself to a healthy diet, forget about getting great results. You might get some results, but you will quickly hit a plateau and not be able to reach your goals. Something I tell all of the people I coach to do when they first get started is to create an account at My Fitness Pal (MFP) and start logging your diet in there every single day. What’s great about MFP is that it keeps track of not only your calories, but also your fat/carb/protein breakdown as well. Also, in it’s database it has just about every food that you could possibly think of, including restaurant foods, so when you go out to eat or go grocery shopping, you will know if you’re getting something healthy or not.

(5) Find a complete program. When I say complete, I mean both a diet and workout program. There are too many people who do one but not the other, get frustrated and then quit because they didn’t get the results they wanted. The program that changed my life that I highly recommend is P90X. P90X is a 90 day home workout and diet program that pretty much lays it all out there for you, and all you have to do is commit to it. In 90 days I ended up losing 25 lbs and about 10% body fat, literally getting into the best shape of my life!

Hopefully you found these tips for becoming healthy helpful. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out to me or comment below. My email is

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