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Body Beast is a program that has absolutely EXPLODED over the past 3 months, thanks to it being one of the first and most effective mass gaining workout programs released! I have gone through the program myself, and you can check out my Body Beast Review. However, I wanted to share another Body Beast Review with you all, coming from one of the people I coach, Tommy. He absolutely ROCKED the program! Check it out.

Body Beast Review – Tommy

“My beachbody journey started in May 2012 when I started p90x with a determination to actually finish it this time. Two months later I had lost 25 pounds and was lighter than I had been even back in high school. During the final 30 days of p90x, I started taking creatine and using heavier weights in my workouts to try to pack on some muscle mass. It worked slightly but I wanted more. Then I saw that beachbody had just released the new program Body Beast, so I purchased it immediately and started it in August 2012 after completing p90x.

The Body Beast program is truly amazing! Sagi is an outstanding trainer, and “The Book of Beast” was like my bible during those 12 weeks of the program. It tells you exactly what to eat, what supplements to take, when to take them, along with tons of other useful information such as recipes, how to take pictures, etc. As for the workouts… they are very intense and do not give you a lot of rest. You will work one to two areas of your body really hard for 30 to 50 minutes, and you will be sore and sweating at the end of it. This program produces amazing results if you follow it the way it was designed and “have fun with it” as Sagi says. Even after just having finished p90x, I was still sore the day after working out certain body parts, especially the Build Legs workout!

After completing 12 weeks of the huge beast version of the program, I gained 11 pounds of lean muscle while growing my arms from 13.5 to 14.5 inches, my chest from 39.5 inches to 42 inches, and my thighs from 22 to 23.5 inches! My back and shoulders also got much noticeably bigger. My body fat did increase slightly from about 13.5% to 15%, but that will be an easy fix as I have already started the lean beast version of the program for round two in an attempt to get huge while also shredding some fat! The amount of weight that I can lift for each body part has increased abundantly during my 12 weeks using this program, even doubling on many moves. If you are looking to get bigger and stronger, I would definitely recommend body beast as your next program. Beast up wth me!”

– Tommy M.

As you can see from the Body Beast Review that Tommy posted and from his pictures, he got AMAZING Body Beast Results! Body Beast is a program that works, and is now my favorite Beachbody workout program. And yes, that’s tough for me to say since I’m actually in the P90X2 videos! Anyways, if you’re looking to gain mass, Body Beast is the way to go, period. Oh and also, if you decide to go through Body Beast and want some help, you can make me your Beachbody Coach! I will help you get great Body Beast results, just like I helped Tommy!

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