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If you’re looking for Beachbody Energize reviews, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled a list of reviews from both clients of mine and coaches on my team.

“I started using pre-workout supplements back in 2004, right as I got into college. I swear I tried just about every pre-workout supplement that existed, including Jack3d, 1MR, NO-Explode, White Flood, and Superpump 250. Some were effective, some were not, but I discovered that most of them contained artificial ingredients. After dealing with Lyme Disease, I decided to shift to more all natural supplements and that’s when I came across Energize. That was in 2016 and I still take it to this day because it’s super effective (great energy throughout the entire workout), there’s no crash afterwards, it’s free of chemicals and toxins, and it tastes great. If you’re looking for a good high quality pre-workout supplement, you can’t go wrong with Energize! “- Josh S.

“Energize is life. I honestly don’t know how people lift or do our programs without using it. It’s an absolute must use product.” – Rob B.

“I use it prior to working out and it gives me the energy I need to power through a challenging workout. Plus, being active duty, I don’t have to worry about any ingredients that are on the DoD’s “banned list.” – Glen S.

“I was always sceptical about pre workout, however, once I started using Energise I noticed a shift in my workouts. I didn’t need to keep hitting pause and could push harder. I never do a workout without it now, and recommend it to all of my team.” – Sam R.

“I am a bigger guy, so I use two scoops. It not only tastes good (TEAM LEMON) but it helps me stay focused for the duration of my workouts. Boom!!!” – Jay T.

“I use energize on my run days. I am training for a marathon and I can honestly say, it carries me through some of my longer training runs. It is an awesome, clean product that doesn’t leave me weighed down or sluggish after. I love both flavors but tend to be #teamfruitpunch most days! I definitely get the energy I need to kick right into gear and maintain that energy throughout!” Ryann C.

“What I love most about it is how theres no hard crash at the end. I’ve used pre workouts for years and i always hated the hard crash…..with Energize there really isnt…..oh ya and the staying power. Usually preworkouts crap out about 15 to 20 minutes in. Energize stays with you.” – Alan J.

“I was super skeptical of any preworkout supplements for fear it would make me jittery… the taste was legit amazing and my very first workout with it was awesome! I seriously could not believe it! Now the only workouts aren’t the ones I didn’t do, but the ones I didn’t do with energize. (Kinda kidding, kinda not on that last part..)” – Kirsten J.

“I have used other pre work outs . The ones that tasted good ended up being full of chemicals and artificial ingredients and the ones that where cleaner tasted horrible ! What I love about energize is it is a great balance of both ! Clean ingredients , nothing artificial , and the best part .. it tastes great !” – Nicole Q.

“While going through treatment for breast cancer, fatigue is an issue. Energize has been a life saver. I’m able to exercise and actually have energy throughout the day to keep up with my 3 kids. Luckily, my doctors fully support me using Energize as well.” – Jennifer P.

“I have to have time for me. People tell me I’m crazy for getting up at 4:15 am, I say I’m crazy if I don’t, because I need my time for me away from my kids. Each morning energize is the first thing I put in my body. It helps get me going for my workout and focused for my day, the time I need for ME. Without energize, I wouldn’t have as productive of ME TIME. Nobody better take it away from me 😂 Lemon > Fruit Punch. I also use it for getting things done later in the day to get things done for focused energy as well.” – Jodi S.

“Amazing taste. I don’t get tingly but I get a butt load of energy. Seriously hate using any other pre-work out after using it for a year. Amazing for pick me ups when I need to do work as well.” – Brett B.

“Over the years I’ve used many pre-workouts. In the end I keep coming back to Energize. It provides me enough energy to power through a tough workout with no crash. It’s also a great energy boost on tough days since I don’t drink coffee. In the End, Energize will always be a staple in my plan.” – Rob H.

“Before every workout I double scoop Energize and I know it’s go time when I start to tingle. It’s no holding back after that with my routine. The lack of crash afterwards makes this product perfect for me!” – Richard R.

“For a mom of 5, between the ages of 10 to 2.5; with my youngest being medicated complex it has been such a lifesaver. The days where everything in my body is saying to just rest, I take it and it helps me to start a chore while I wait for it to kick in. I hit play and feel literally “energized” enough to workout and more. I also Teach TurboKick and PiYo and it helps me stay more enthusiastic in those moments where I know my Class is fatigued. However I have this boost of energy to help me keep them going and giving them the best workout possible! I love the taste also!” – Evita M.

“It tastes great! It gives me the extra push of focus and energy I need to give my all during a workout with no crash afterward!” – Leeann T.

“I LOVE Energize! I can be sensitive to caffeine, and this is a safe way for me to use a pre-workout that doesn’t leave me feeling jittery, unable to sleep at night (unless I take it too late in the day), and I don’t develop caffeine-dependent headaches when I go without it. My hubby, on the other hand, is/was a caffeine junkie – coffees, Bangs, and 5-Hour Energy drinks. Energize has helped him to cut out Bangs altogether, and cut WAY down on his 5 Hour Energy consumption! HUGE WIN in our house!” – Tenya M.

I will keep updating this list of Energize reviews as they come in! Any questions? Just add a comment below. If you want to purchase Energize, just click on the link!

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