Focus T25 Workout Program Review

I just realized today that I haven’t written a post yet about the Shaun T’s new T25 workout program. Anyways, it’s been out for about 2 months, and from what I’m hearing it’s one heck of a program! I haven’t started it yet because I’m waiting to go through it with Melinda after we have our baby in October, meaning it will be a November or December start date. Once she’s able to start, we are going to do a T25/Body Beast hybrid program. I do know quite a bit about the program, though, since so many of the people I coach and coaches on my team have been going through it, and I’m going to break it down below.

What is T25?

First of all, what is T25? It’s actually called Focus T25, and it’s just as the name sounds, 25T25 Results minutes of insane non-stop exercises where you’re completely focused. What Shaun T did was pretty much break down an hour workout into 25 minutes, and yes, that means it’s crazy! You work out 5 times per week, and on the 5th day you double the workouts, so you will be doing 50 minutes instead of just 25. If you start on Monday, you will have Saturday and Sunday off each week, and trust me you will need it! This program is definitely TOUGH!

What is the T25 Schedule?

There are actually three separate phases of T25. The first, called Alpha, is obviously the least difficult and teaches you the basics of the program and how to stay focused during the entire workout. The 2nd phase, Beta, focuses more on the core, and is more difficult than Alpha. Gamma is the last phase and of course is the most difficult of the three phases, and focuses more on strength and muscle building.

Who should do Focus T25?

Focus 25 ResultsThe great thing about this program is that most people can do it, even if you haven’t gone through a Beachbody program before. Even though it is a tough workout, there are modified versions of the exercises that are shown in each of the videos. There is nothing telling you that you can’t pause it either. If you struggle, pause, catch your breath, and then pick back up where you left off. Just keep pushing yourself so that you’re making progress each week. If you’re already in great shape, this is just another program that will challenge you and help you get into better shape! Another great thing about this program is that it’s just 25 minutes, so if you’re like most people and short on time, you can now get in an incredible workout without spending an hour or two doing it. It completely eliminates the excuse “I don’t have time to work out.” Before you do any program, though, you need to make sure that it’s OK with your doctor!

Where can I purchase T25?

Since I’m a Beachbody Coach, you can order directly from the links I give you below! There are a few options available for you.

(1) T25 Challenge Pack (On sale for $180 until the end of August). With this option you will get the program and get started on Shakeology Home Direct, a meal replacement that I’ve been taking every day for the past 3 years. You will also receive the Alpha and Beta phases, workout calendar, nutrition guide, Stretch workout, 5 day fast start, and 15 lbs resistance bands.

(2) T25 Base Kit ($119.85). This is just like the Challenge Pack that I listed above, but without the Shakeology. However, for just $60 more, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get the Challenge Pack!

(3) Gamma DVD’s ($59.85). This is an optional add-on that many people end up getting after they complete the first two phases of the program. With this kit you will get addition workouts and a plan to complete those workouts over a 20 day period.

If you’re crunched on time and looking for a tough and effective workout, Focus T25 is the way to go! Like I mentioned above, I can’t wait to try it out here in a few months!

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