How Do I Find My Dream Job

Right now I’m sitting outside on my patio of our dream home with my shirt off, working on my tan so I don’t fry when I head to the beach here in a few weeks, listening to some Florida Georgia Line, watching my daughter play with a brand new water toy we got her, and working. Yeah, that’s right, I’m working. How? I have my dream job. I’m 28, a full time Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, work from home, have no bills, no debt with the exception of our house, which will be paid off very shortly, and am completely financially secure. We travel quite a bit, stay at nice hotels, and completely ENJOY life! It wasn’t like this 5 years ago, though. My wife and I were on government support, struggling through life, could barely pay our bills, lived in a very dangerous neighborhood, and were worried and stressed about what the future had in store for us. I made a decision, a decision to change and never looked back. I, like others, though, wanted to know how to find my dream job, and crazy enough, it was by complete accident that I was introduced to it! Now, I love what I do, and it’s a job that DOESN’T feel like a job. So, now you might be wondering, “how do i find my dream job?”, and that’s what I’m going to help you with in this post.

4 Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

(1) Determine what it is that you love! What are you passionate about? Is it health and fitness? Is it helping others? Is it being around kids? It could be something different all together, but whatever it is, figure it out! Once you do, write it down and then Google careers that revolve around it. Write them down as well. My passion has always been to help people, and after I went through P90X I became passionate about health and fitness as well, and becoming a Beachbody Coach was the best option for me!

(2) Determine what the pay scale is for each career. If you end up going with a certain job, what is the potential salary? Also, figure out if you will be limited or not. Since I own my own business, I know that there is nothing better than being in complete control of how much you make, not have someone else be in control. If you can find an opportunity to own your own business in your related field, that’s your best bet!

(3) Figure out how demanding the work schedule will be. If you’re wondering how to find your dream job, this is something that’s very important to keep in mind! If you’re starting your own business, your schedule will be VERY demanding because you are building something from the ground up, but over time the amount of time it requires will become less and less and you will have more freedom. That’s been the case for me. I worked extremely hard for the first 2 years as a Beachbody Coach, establishing my business, and over the years I have become very efficient with what I do, stick to a strict schedule, delegate responsibilities, and have created more freedom for myself. If your dream job consists of you working under someone else, talk to someone who has been with the business for more than 10 years and ask him/her how demanding their work schedule is. That will give you a good idea of how much time you will be putting in each week! Remember, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, FREEDOM to spend time with your friends and family is what’s most important!

(4) Take action! If you’re wondering “How do I find my dream job,” you can’t sit around and wait for it to come to you. No, you need to TAKE ACTION!  Once you narrow your career ideas, do more research on them, and then when you narrow it down to just one and are CONFIDENT that it’s the right choice, then you need to determine how to get started. If it’s a large company you want to work for, send them your resume, and then follow up a few days later to make sure they received it. If you decide to start your own business, find out what you need to do to get started. Are there start-up costs? If it’s something like network marketing (which is what I’m in), figure out which team is the best team to join. Do they have great training? Have they had a lot of success? These are important things to think about!

These are the steps that I took in determining whether or not becoming a full time Beachbody Coach was the right path for me to take! Hopefully you found these tips in how to find your dream job helpful as well, and find that dream career soon! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


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