Learn to Roll With the Punches

Today I work up with a plan. Today was the day I was going to once a for all become organized. Now listen, I’ve achieved a lot in my 32 years of life and I have a lot of strengths, but good Lord, organization is not one of them. The day started off gloriously. I created a new task list for my assistant, organized my schedule, created a one month plan, and I planned on writing a killer blog post, but then came the curveball. As I was updating my iPhone this morning, it decided to stop updating and give me an error message. Then I tried to restore it, but yet again, another error message. OK, deep breath. I became a little frustrated because I had planned on getting everything done on my task list today. Let’s take it to the Sprint store to see what they can do. I drove 20 minutes to the store only for them to tell me that I had to drive another 20 minutes further to the Apple store in some gigantic mall because they can’t help me. OK, OK. I see what you’re doing to me buddy. You’re trying to teach me patience, I get it. Patience, something else that’s not a strength of mine. I drove to this mall and traffic was out of this world for some odd reason. I drove like a bat out of hell, passing people where I shouldn’t have passed them. I yelled at them like they could actually hear me inside my car. I get to this place and it’s so freakin’ large that I had no idea where I’m going. Sweet, JC Penny parking lot. Let’s start there. I went inside and wandered around this mall that’s larger than any I have been in before searching for the Apple store. Found it. It was so busy that you would have thought it was Black Friday. I went up to the girl greeting at the door, explained my situation, only for her to tell me that I needed to set up an appointment to get it fixed and unfortunately, they had no more openings for the day. BUT if I stood in this line that was backed out of the door, I could set something up. SCREW…..THAT! I basically sprinted out of that mall with steam rolling out of my ears. Finally, I got back home and decided to contact Apple Chat Support. After an hour they finally helped me and my phone was fixed. Miraculously, iTunes backed up my phone right before it froze and I got all of my pictures and information back. The ones I were worried about were the Christmas photos and videos of my children. All back.

Now here I am writing a blog post I wanted to write 4 hours ago. And yes, I know, this is definitely a first world problem, but I am leaving on a trip soon and have to have a phone to contact my family when I’m gone. Plus, I work from my phone. The point is that we all start with a plan, but that plan is constantly blown to pieces. It’s almost impossible to start with a plan and finish it without any obstacles. Today is a prime example of that. However, how we choose to handle those obstacles is key. There’s no denying it, I got pretty pissed off today. I just wanted to get everything done that I needed to get done for my business and then go spend time with my family for the rest of the evening. But as you saw, it didn’t turn out that way. It’s past 5 PM and I am halfway through my to-do-list. But I have to sit back and laugh about it. I knew something like this would happen. My entire life to this point is a giant obstacle. Why would today be any different? I’ve been able to handle every other obstacle properly, I needed to handle this one the same way. Instead of letting it ruin my day and knock me off course (for very long), I took a deep breath, smiled, and adjusted. Now here I am writing a blog that I would have never written about. Maybe one of you reading this is going to say “YES! I needed this today!” Then this is for you. Maybe this is what you needed to hear.

People start their fitness journey with a plan. It’s funny because right now with the New Year everyone and their uncle is starting a plan. As a fitness Coach, the amount of times I hear “This is it, I’m going to change this year!” within the month of January is ridiculous. But then 3 weeks later they fall off. Why? Because they can’t roll with the punches. Maybe their best friend called them fat. Maybe their family ridiculed them for eating healthy. Maybe their friends tempted them to eat pizza and drink beer with them. Maybe they hit a plateau. Maybe some asshole on the internet made fun of them for posting their one week results. Maybe they gave into temptations during the weekend and strayed off course. IT……HAPPENS! Why are so many of you letting these negative things affect you so drastically? Who gives a shit! Learn to smile and adjust. If you go into your fitness journey expecting everything to be perfect, you’re fooling yourself. I’m 10+ years into my own fitness journey and the amount of times I’ve come across some sort of issue is insane. I’ve dealt with a crazy amount of injuries, haters, jealous people, plateaus, sickness (yes, even a disease), but I still keep moving forward. I have just come to accept that these things will happen. It’s all out of my control so I just don’t worry about it. I expect it, yes, but don’t stress about it. I can’t. If so I’d be stressed out all the time. Stress is not good. If you’re one of the many starting your journey this year, don’t go into it thinking everything will be perfect. It won’t, I promise. Rather, come to expect the obstacles and quickly make adjustments so that you can keep moving forward.

Speaking of the New Year and fitness goals, I’m taking on more clients right now. If you would like me to recommend an entire workout, nutrition, and supplement plan for you and support you while on your journey, just email me at [email protected] or message me on my Facebook Page. I’d love to help you out. I’m going to be opening my support group soon starting at the beginning of February as well. That group will fill up quickly like it always does. If you want in, you’ve got to be serious about being ready to change, and just reach out to me.

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