My Passion for Changing Lives

Every since I was young, I have always had a passion for helping people and changing lives. For years I have watched my parents and grandparents help those who were less fortunate and in need, and saw the positive impact they had on their lives. It inspired me, they definitely led by example, and now here I am, paying it forward and carrying on the family legacy.

For me, it all started back in high school. I am one of the very fortunate ones to have been raised properly by my family, and I figured it was time that I take everything I have learned and pass it on to those who might not have been as fortunate as I, so I decided to join the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. For those of you who don’t know what BBBS is, it’s a mentor program where you become a “Big” to a young boy or girl who has struggled in their life. You are required to spend a certain amount of time with that child per month, and you can do a range of different activities, everything from bike riding to swimming and playing sports. Anyways, I decided to join and became a “Big” to an 8 year old boy named David. Now David struggled with life when I first met him. Him and his sister were both living with their grandma, and both parents had pretty much abandoned them at that point. ¬†On top of that, his sister, Lexi, was paraplegic because of an accident that her and her father got into when she was a baby. She was in the back in a car seat when the crash occurred, leaving her paralyzed, so the grandma had to not only raise two children, but take care of someone who needed a lot of medical attention as well. It was very, very tough on her, and without any fatherly figure in David’s life, she decided to enroll David into the BBBS program.

For 4 years I was a mentor to David, teaching him proper manors, helping him with just about as much as I could with life, and I felt fulfilled. There is not a greater feeling than knowing that you have had a positive impact on someone’s life! Unfortunately, David’s father came back into the picture, which sort of forced me out of it, and David and I had to part ways. Plus, I was leaving for college on a baseball scholarship, so it would have been very tough for me to keep up with the time requirements. Regardless, it was an experience that impacted my life, and for years and years I wanted to find something else that would bring back that feeling, something else that would allow me to impact people’s lives in a positive way, and I didn’t find it until 2008, when I was introduced to Beachbody.

It’s sort of a crazy story how I got involved with Beachbody, and you can read that story here, but I’m not going to talk much about that at this moment. In short, I fell out of shape after college because of the stress from my new Financial Advising career, found P90X, got into the best shape of my life, developed a passion for health and fitness, and then decided to become a Beachbody Coach. Bam! How was that? Short enough? The reason I became a Beachbody Coach, though, was because I found myself helping people with their health and fitness after I had completed the program, and that feeling of fulfillment was finally back in my life! It just felt good helping people realize they can make a change in their life and then being able to support them the entire time through the program until they got results themselves. And boy did they get results! I’ve literally had tens of thousands of people come to me for help over the years, and I’ve got to see unbelievable P90X transformations that would BLOW YOUR MIND! On top of the physical transformations, I helped people make the proper mental shift as well, recommending certain personal development books that have been able to change my life, books like “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz and “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. To watch these people change before my eyes has been a tremendous and fulfilling experience, and something that I would never trade for anything!

I forgot to mention that I’m now a full time Beachbody Coach! With the way the Beachbody Business is set up, I can help people every day and be able to support my family at the same time. To me, though, it doesn’t feel like a job, but rather a hobby that I just enjoy doing, just like volunteering to be a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I love what I do, and am completely passionate about being a Coach, and literally have my dream career. Now, though, I have even bigger aspirations. I want to give back even more than I already do, and am in the process of starting something to help kids deal with bullying. Bullying is a MAJOR issue in this country, and being bullied myself when I was young, I feel that I can have a huge impact and help thousands of kids! Be on the lookout because something HUGE is coming soon!

I am so fortunate to have been brought up the way I have and go through certain life experiences to where I can have a positive impact on other’s lives. From my involvement in Big Brothers Big Sisters to my experiences as a Beachbody Coach, nothing can replace that feeling of fulfillment, and I will continue to search for more ways that I can have a positive impact on the world!

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