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The new P90X3 workout program was released back in December and I had high expectations for it, but in all honesty I had no idea it would be this incredible! My P90X3 results so far are by far the quickest and best I’ve ever gotten with any Beachbody program, and yes, that includes P90X. Here’s a little review of the new program and what I like so much about it.

P90X3 Workout is Legit

P90X3 is an amazing program, there is no doubt about that. Everything from the design of the workouts to the simplicity of the Nutrition Guide, it’s simply a step above any other Beachbody program that I have ever gone through. That’s saying a lot, since I have gone through P90X, P90X2, Body Beast, Turbofire, Insanity, and Insanity Asylum. What makes it so great? First, how short and compact the workouts are. At just 30 minutes, which includes the warm-up, I can get in my workout and get on with my day. With 2 daughters, one a newborn, and an incredibly large Beachbody Business to run, time is extremely valuable for me, and anymore I don’t have time to fit in an hour plus workout. Even at just 30 minutes, though, the workouts are very intense, and there hasn’t been one that I have finished without a steady stream of sweat dripping from my face. These P90X3 workouts are TOUGH!

So let’s talk about the workouts. I’m following the Classic version (there is also a lean, mass building, and doubles version), meaning there is a nice balance between cardio and resistance workouts. I’ve never been a fan of cardio, but for some odd reason I really look forward to the P90X3 cardio workouts because of the intensity and how challenging the moves are. It forces me to push well beyond my comfort zone, something I’ve always enjoyed doing. My P90X3 results in regards to my cardiovascular endurance has increased drastically since I started the program 4 weeks ago, and I feel lighter on my feet, quicker, and don’t get winded as easily as I did when I first began. With a big snowboarding trip coming up soon to Whistler Blackcomb, I know that I have to be in a ¬†great cardiovascular condition to do some intense snowboarding high up on the mountain where the air is very thin. I feel like I’m prepared this time and am really looking forward to the trip because of it. My favorite cardio workouts to this point have to be CVX and Warrior. CVX is probably the hardest workout I’ve done and is a cardio/resistance workout. I say that because the entire time you’re doing cardio exercises, you’re doing it with weights in your hands. By the end of the workout, not only are you drenched in sweat, but your shoulders will be on fire as well. Warrior is a great, tough, and fun cardio workout, where you do a lot of burpee like, core, and karate type exercises. It’s a workout that Tony Horton likes to do with the military when he visits bases around the world.

The P90X3 resistance workouts are amazing. There are a lot of body weight exercises like push-ups and pull-ups, but Tony also incorporates a lot of weight training as well, especially in the Eccentric Upper, Eccentric Lower, and Incinerator workouts. I just finished Incinerator today, and it’s a crazy combination of non-stop burn-out weight and body weight exercises. It forces you to push yourself to the limits, and that’s where the magic happens, where the results come from. My favorite resistance workout of all, though, has to be The Challenge. The Challenge is just non-stop push-ups and pull-ups. It’s very similar to the One on One 30/15 routine, where you pick a certain number of push-ups and pull-ups (30 push-ups, 15 pull-ups) and stick with it throughout the entire routine. By the end of the workout, you normally feel very shaky, exhausted, and like you just want to puke. That’s good, though, right?

So let’s talk a little more about my P90X3 results. I started the program at right around 166 lbs and currently I’m at 162 lbs. It’s just a 4 lbs weight loss, but I have noticed a MAJOR difference in my definition and how my clothes fit. My guess is that in just 4 weeks I have lost about 3-4% body fat. In all honesty, this is the leanest I’ve been since finishing up my first round of P90X back in 2008. My core strength, flexibility, balance has increased drastically since I’ve started, and the bad back pain that I was experiencing before I started the program is now pretty much completely gone. I can thank all of the core strengthening workouts, especially Yoga, to that. My wife’s results are nothing less than fantastic too, and she has gone from a size 10 pants to a size 5 in 4 weeks, which is practically unheard of! I have a feeling her results by the end of the 90 days might be better than mine. I will definitely be posting updates, probably another one coming in a ¬†month or so.

If you’re interested in the P90X3 program, just click here to learn more! You can also check out my weeks 1-3 P90X3 review.


  • WOW amazing job!!! I’m on week 7 day 45. I’ve lost some pounds but hardly any body fat. I’ve been following diet Plan D 2400. Whats your diet plan like? Ive heard of people using the original P90X diet plan while using this program.

    • I’m taking in around 2,200 calories and following the 20/40/40 recommended ratio.

      • Interesting. Thanks for the response. So you’re eating 48/220/220 grams. I’ve been all over the place trying to find the right diet plan. For half of P90X3 I was eating to maintain weight when I should’ve been eating to lose weight. So I’m trying to drop BF fast without sabotaging my workouts. I’m eating about 2000 at a 50/30/20 ratio. I haven’t been on it long enough to get results yet, but I have noticed its a bit harder to do my workouts. Idk , you think I should go back to the P90X3 guide?

  • Looking good bro! X3 is a crazy awesome program. I think it might be my favourite, but X2 is a close second.


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