P90X3 Review of Week 1

So as you all probably know by now, or at least I hope you know by now, Beachbody released a new 30 minute a day program called P90X3. Yes, it is the 3rd P90X program, but it is more of a separate program than the other two. P90X2 is for those who did P90X, but P90X3 can be done by anyone, regardless if they did the first two or not. Who wouldn’t want to do a 30 minute workout a day anyways? Here’s my P90X3 review of the first week of workouts.

Melinda (my beautiful wife) and I have been doing it for just about 2 weeks now, and in all honesty, it’s probably my favorite Beachbody program I’ve ever done. Yes, I like it even more than Body Beast! Even though I absolutely love heavy lifting, there is just something special about this program and I’m seeing incredible results from it. Maybe it’s that it’s just 30 minutes? Or maybe it’s the great combination of resistance and high intensity cardio training? With our new addition to the family, another 4 year old daughter constantly wanting our attention, and running a massive Beachbody business, time has become very valuable and fitting in a workout has proven to be tough. At just 30 minutes, which includes the warm-up, working out every day is manageable and we have been able to stay committed to this point, and I know we won’t have any issues staying committed in the future either. If you’re crunched on time, this is a program that I highly recommend.

Who can do P90X3? Anyone in my opinion (check with your doctor first, of course). I say that because there are modified versions of pretty much every exercise. Melinda, who just had Alaina 7 weeks ago, hasn’t been able to work out for almost a year and a half because of various pregnancy issues, so she will be the first to admit she is out of shape, but she is still doing every workout. She’s modifying, but she’s doing it, and in less than 2 weeks she is down 3 lbs and losing inches VERY fast! She’s ready to be back in incredible shape and there is no doubt in my mind P90X3 will get her there. If you’re already in great shape like I am, P90X3 is great for you too. I’m being challenged with every single workout and love it. I enjoy taking myself to new limits, pushing outside my comfort zone, and this program is allowing me to do so. My goal with it is to lean out some, maybe lose 3-4 lbs, but improve my core strength and flexibility for this snowboarding season. So far it’s working.

After P90X3 Agility
After P90X3 Agility

What about the P90X3 diet? I absolutely love it. The nutrition guide is by far the easiest to follow out of all the programs. There are no special recipes, no crazy meals you have to prepare, and it pretty much tells you what you can and can’t eat, along with how much to eat, and that’s it. The guide only mentions once about the macro breakdown, which is a 20% fat, 40% carbs, and 40% protein mix. Simple, easy, and gives you the freedom to choose the foods that you like and works best for you and budget. If you are starting the program, make sure you take the time to go through and understand the nutrition guide. As I always tell the people I coach (to make me your coach, click here!), the diet makes up 80% of your results!

So what about the P90X3 workouts? I’m going to break each one down for you.

– Total Synergistics. This is an incredible total body core workout. There is a mix of lunges, shoulder presses, push-ups, Yoga, abs, and balance exercises.

– Agility X. This is one of the tougher workouts of the first week. It’s all high intensity cardio training, and it’s pretty much non-stop without any breaks. It includes jump knee tucks, plyo push-ups, long jumps, lunges, and some fast feet exercises.

– X3 Yoga. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy this workout. I’ve never been a Yoga fan so I always skipped P90X Yoga because of how long it was, but at just 30 minutes I can definitely handle this one. It includes most typical Yoga moves, but there are also some advanced ones in there as well. I’ve been having some back issues for the past 6 months, and since doing X3 Yoga, those issues are much better.

– The Challenge. By far my favorite workout of the first week. If you have ever done the One on One 30/15 routine, this is very similar to that. You are constantly doing push-ups and pull-ups throughout the entire workout, and you finish up with a 2 minute burnout. You will be DRAINED after this one!

– CVX. Probably the toughest workout to this point, CVX is an insanely intense mostly cardio workout. I say mostly cardio because you can hold a weight for the entire thing, and if you do so you are getting in one heck of a shoulder workout as well. I decided to use a 10 lbs weight the first time and not only couldn’t I catch my breath, my shoulders were on fire! Be ready to sweat with this one.

– Warrior. This is another rough one, but for some odd reason I really enjoy it. It involves a LOT of burpee type exercises, and some of those include lunges and jump knee tucks. If you want to burn a lot of calories, this will allow you to do so.

So far P90X3 absolutely rocks, and Melinda and I are already seeing incredible results from it. I’m leaning out, especially in my waist and finally getting my defined 6 pack back, and Melinda is losing inches everywhere EXTREMELY fast! Hopefully you found my P90X3 review of the first week helpful, and I will be writing another review in about 3 weeks after I go through the Block 2 workouts. If you are looking to purchase P90X3, just click here!


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