Secret to my Body Beast Transformation

My Body Beast transformation was incredible, there is no doubt about that. I’ve gotten some of the best results I’ve seen in a 90 day time span and that’s because of my commitment level and ability to not make excuses (If you haven’t seen my results yet, just check them out below). However, it also has a lot to do with the knowledge I’ve gained about nutrition and supplementation while going through Lyme Disease treatment. So what’s the secret to my Body Beast transformation? That’s what I’m going to go into detail about below.

My Body Beast Transformation

In 90 days of Body Beast, I ended up gaining 11 lbs, going from 162 lbs to 173 lbs. I also gained 4 inches on my chest and 1.25 inches on my biceps. Body Beast allowed me to gain my strength back after going through months of lyme disease treatment.

*Results Vary

No Excuses

I did not have an incredible Body Beast transformation by accident. There were a lot of factors that played and important role in my results. The first one that I want to dig into is my ability to not make excuses. Even though my results were incredible, it was by far the biggest challenge I’ve had to face to this point in my fitness journey. Why? Because I finished up with Lyme Disease treatment right before I started Body Beast and still had quite a few after effects from treatment. One of the biggest issues that I faced was experiencing symptoms after my workouts. After going through 8 months of extreme antibiotic and natural treatment without the ability to work out, there were a ton of dead lyme bacteria just sitting stagnant in my muscle cells. When I started Body Beast again, I had many detoxing reactions because of the toxins being moved and released throughout my body. That included fatigue, dizziness, breathing problems, and pain. However, no matter how bad my symptoms became, I still pushed to complete my workouts daily. I understood that the only way for me to continue to remove the toxins was to continue working out, so that’s what I did. Plus, I wanted to show people the type of commitment it takes to succeed. Eventually after about a month of pushing hard with my workouts, my symptoms began to go away. Now it’s at the point where I believe I have removed just about all of the toxins in my body and no longer experience symptoms after working out.

In addition, there were a few other challenges I faced while going through my Body Beast transformation. All of them had to do with the fact that my immune system was completely beat down after months and months of constant antibiotics. For those of you who don’t know, the immune system lies in the gut. Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria in the gut, so as you can imagine, months of antibiotics pretty much made my immune system nonexistent. I’ve been working hard repairing my immune system, but while going through Body Beast I had a few major infections develop. The first was in my ear and it got pretty bad. However, I still worked out. Not too long afterwards I developed a very, very serious MRSA infection on my face. I did have to take a few days off from working out because of the risk of it spreading, but I still stayed on track with my nutrition and picked right back up with the workouts once I was able to. There were no excuses. If you’re someone that has a hard time committing and makes a lot of excuses, go out and purchase the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz. I am someone that doesn’t make excuses and that’s why I’ve had success with pretty much everything I commit to.

Proper Body Beast Nutrition

My nutrition was on point while going through my Body Beast transformation. I have to thank Lyme Disease for this because I was forced to make massive changes to my nutrition in order to heal. After reading quite a few nutrition books and doing an incredible amount of research online, I gained knowledge on what and how to eat to create a healthy system. But it doesn’t stop there. Those changes also had a huge effect on my ability to recover and build muscle after the intense Body Beast workouts. My recovery time during this round of Body Beast was by far the shortest I have ever experienced while going through the program. Sure, supplements played a role in that, but proper nutrition did as well.

First of all, everything I eat is organic. There is no going around this when suffering from Lyme Disease. It’s my job to eliminate the toxins in my body, not put them back in, which is what would be happening if I ate non-organic food. Pesticides and GMO’s are prevalent in non-organic food and those are not good for your body. When you’re trying to heal from disease, build muscle, or lean out, an organic diet is the way to go. Sure, it might be a bit more expensive (it’s really not as bad as you may think), but just think about the difference it’s making to your health. You can’t put a price tag on that. Trust me on that one. Anyways, while going through Body Beast, my nutrition was on point. My nutrition plan consisted of a lot of brown rice, white rice, sweet potatoes, almond butter, chicken, some grass-fed steak, lots of veggies, fruits, eggs, gluten-free bagels, coconut oil, and avocado.

If you notice, there is no dairy or gluten in that plan. Since beginning lyme treatment, I eliminated all gluten and dairy because of how it causes inflammation in the body. You might be thinking, “There’s no way in hell I can do that,” but it really isn’t as hard as you may think. Just eliminate milk, cheese, and bread. Instead of regular milk, drink almond milk. If you absolutely have to have cheese, try Daiya cheese. If you have to eat bread, there are so many gluten-free alternatives available at your local organic grocery store. There’s even gluten-free pasta, such as brown-rice pasta, which I think is better than regular pasta anyways. Getting rid of gluten and dairy foods doesn’t mean you have to stop eating the foods you love. If you’re someone that experiences a lot of bloating like I did, you’re going to notice a drastic difference after making this change.

Let’s talk about the macros while going through my Body Beast transformation. First, I’m 5’7″ and I was right around 3,000 – 3,200 calories per day. That was the amount that was recommended in the Body Beast nutrition guide. For the first few months I stuck with a 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat intake. Normally, I would be at 50% carbs and 20% fat, but I decided to increase my healthy fat intake to help battle inflammation in my body. This has not only made a difference in the amount of pain I experience, but I believe it has a lot to do with the lack of soreness I experienced post-workouts as well. During the last month of Body Beast, though, I changed things up quite a bit. I’ve always been a big fan of carb cycling because of it’s leaning out effects that it has on my body, so I decided to do a carb cycling plan during the last month to cut the body fat for my “after” pictures. I did 3 days of 0-1 carb per day and then a high carb day. Normally when I carb cycle, I will do 1 day of no carbs and then 1 day of high carbs, but I really wanted to take it to the extreme and have an outstanding Body Beast transformation. It sucked for those 3 days of low carbs, but it was worth it in the end.

Supplements for my Body Beast Transformation

I took in a ton of supplements during this round of Body Beast and I believe they played a HUGE role in my Body Beast transformation! When it comes to supplements, I’m very strict about what I consume. I make sure they are of incredible quality or else I don’t take them. That means I do a ton of research beforehand to make sure there are no added chemicals, toxins, or pesticides that could have an adverse effect on my health. After battling Lyme disease, there is absolutely no way I make that sacrifice. All the Body Beast supplements that I am going to list below are ones that I’m confident are good for me and of the highest quality.

First, I want to talk about the Performance Line from Beachbody. I’m a Beachbody Coach for a reason and that’s because I believe in the products. If they were shitty, I wouldn’t be a Coach nor recommend them to anyone. But Beachbody makes sure their supplements are of great quality that will help people truly get results. The Performance Line is no exception. Just do any amount of research and you will find that there is no added crap in the Performance Line supplements. I took the entire Performance Line during this round of Body Beast, which includes Creatine, Hydrate, Energize, Recover, and Recharge.

creatine-with-body-beastThe Creatine supplement is a creatine monohydrate. I actually just wrote an entire creatine with Body Beast blog post (click on the link), so right now I’m not going to go into detail about the different types of creatine or how it works. But I took 5 grams of the creatine supplement 20 minutes before I worked out with 8 oz of organic grape juice. The reason for the grape juice is because of how quickly and effectively the carbohydrates transfer the creatine to the muscle cells. I only took creatine for 2 months, though, because of the water retention and how it causes me to feel bloated. I stopped during the last month to lean out for my “after” pictures.

Energize is a pre-workout supplement that I’ve been taking for a while now and I Beachbody Performance Energizeabsolutely love it. I’m a big pre-workout guy and have tried many in the past, but Energize is by far my favorite. I take 2 scoops mixed with water 15-20 minutes before the workout.

Hydrate is a supplement that I take during my workout. It consists of important BCAA’s and carbohydrates that play a role in energy and muscle recovery. I actually combine it with 3 scoops of a supplement called MRM BCAA+G and sip on it throughout my entire Body Beast workout.

Beachbody Performance RecoverRecover is an incredible post-workout shake that I feel played a major role in why I experienced reduced soreness and how I healed so quickly. It consists of an excellent carb to protein ratio that is important for recovery. I took this directly after my workout and added 5 grams of pure glutamine to assist in recovery.

The last of the Performance Line supplements, Recharge, is something I took right before bed. The time when the body recovers the most is during sleep and Recharge contains slow releasing protein that helps with the recovery process. Just like with the creatine, though, I took this for 2 months and then stopped during the last month. For some reason I experienced slight bloating from it, but it was still very effective.

The only other supplement that I took was Shakeology. You can check out my Shakeology Review here, but basically it’s a dense nutrition shake that I use as a meal replacement. I actually combine it with almond butter and eat it as a snack in the evening. I did this while going through my entire Body Beast transformation, with the only exception being that I didn’t use it during my no-carb days during the last month. Shakeology has always played an important role in my fitness results.

If you are interested in any of the Performance Line supplements or Shakeology, you can reach out to me on Facebook or just click here to learn more and purchase. Oh and if you do end up purchasing from the link above, you will automatically get me as your Coach and I will be here to help you through the program and answer any questions you have.

Important Vitamins

I got a lot of the vitamins from the organic food I eat and my Shakeology, but I also took in vitamin supplements as well. As a lyme sufferer, I was extremely deficient in a lot of vitamins so vitamin supplementation has played an important role in my recovery. However, I also believe they have played an important role in my ability to recovery from intense workouts as well. The vitamins that I took during my Body Beast transformation and continue to take to this day include Vitamins A, C, D, B-Complex, and pharmaceutical grade Omega 3.

Pushing During the Workouts

Time to move on to the workouts. Something that I feel is unique about me is my ability to push well outside my comfort zone on a daily basis. When I was going through the Body Beast program, I put in 100% effort every time no matter if I was tired or didn’t feel well. I tell people that I coach all the time that results come when you can push outside that comfort zone during every exercise. For example, if your mind is telling you to stop, try to get 2-3 more reps. However, obviously you have to be careful that you don’t injure yourself. If my mind is telling me to stop, I try to push for 2-3 more just as long as I maintain proper form while doing so. If my form starts failing, then I stop what I’m doing so that I don’t injure myself. You will be surprised, though, with how much you can push past that point where you’re mind is telling you to stop. That is where the magic happens.

Hopefully you now understand my secret to my Body Beast transformation and can have one hell of a transformation yourself. If you are looking for a complete mass gaining program and nutrition regimen, you’re not going to find one better out there at Body Beast. To make it better, I did all of this at home without going to the gym. Sure, you need some free weights, but that’s about it. A bench is preferred, but you can do most of the exercises on a balance ball. If you don’t already have a Beachbody Coach and would like for me to Coach you, just click here. If you do have a Coach, just email me at


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