What is the Most Successful Beachbody Team?

There is one part of being a Beachbody Coach, the fitness side of it, and then there’s the other, the business side. As Coaches, we work hard daily in making sure the people we coach are staying on track with their fitness goals, are motivated, and supported while going on their own fitness journey. At the same time, though, we are also working hard at building a business so that we can create time and financial freedom. Over the course of 5 and a half years, I’ve been able to do just that. If you are wondering what is the most successful Beachbody Team, you have come to the right place.

Successful Beachbody Team Qualities

Team Next Level BeachbodyWhen trying to find out what is the most successful Beachbody team out there, there are a lot of things you need to look for. First, and most importantly, are there any very successful Beachbody Coaches on the team? There are a lot of teams out there that claim to be successful, but they can’t back it up with proof. My team, Team Next Level, is a well established and extremely successful team, and I say that with complete pride. We are the ONLY TEAM in the Beachbody Network that has won the Top Beachbody Coach award 3 times, and it was 3 times in a row at that. On top of that, we have many Elite and full-time coaches making well into the six figure mark. I, Josh Spencer, was the Top Beachbody Coach of 2010 and am one of the very select few to be inducted into the Beachbody Millionaires Club. We are an Elite and very successful Beachbody team!

Next, it’s important to find a team with an excellent support system. If you don’t have Beachbody Millionaire Clubsupport with anything that you do, you will have a hard time finding success. Team Next Level has an incredible support system, with Diamond and Star Diamond Coaches not only willing to share ideas, but also help out the entire team by holding team calls and supporting the new coaches that come aboard. We have team pages where we communicate daily and make sure coaches are staying on track and that all of their questions are answered. These team pages are also where we share new trainings, videos, and any other important information regarding the business.

how do you become a beachbody coachSuccessful Beachbody teams also have a great training system in place. Without proper training, new coaches are left to figure things out on their own, and this can significantly slow down progress and delay success. Over the years, I have had many new coaches not on my team contact me looking for support and a training system because the coach that they signed up with had nothing in place. Do your research beforehand and find a Beachbody Team that has a system you can immediately plug into, one that is simple and has a proven success rate. My team has an excellent training system in place. Not only do we have our own training website, but we run 30 day New Coach Bootcamps where we teach new Coaches everything they need to know to get started right in this business. In addition, we are always adjusting the trainings to keep up with the changing times, especially with social media. In fact, we are in the process of updating our New Coach Bootcamp right now, making it simpler, but yet more effective.

When you’re looking to become a Beachbody Coach and are searching for the most Team Next Level Coachessuccessful Beachbody Team, something that I feel is very important is to find a team that builds with ethics and integrity. The last thing you want to do is join a team that breaks the rules, that pushes the boundaries on what is right and wrong, and a team that is willing to put financial gain over helping others. Something that is very important about this business in particular is that it’s a business of changing lives, and if you don’t put others first, you will never be able to build a successful business. From day 1 of signing up as a coach, I promised myself that I would always focus on changing lives first and the business second, and because of doing so I was able to build a massive business. Focus on changing lives and join a team that is focused on the same thing and you will be setting yourself up for a lot of success. Team Next Level is an incredible team, one full of great people who are truly in this to change lives!

Hopefully I was able to answer your question about what is the most successful Beachbody Team. If you are interested in joining my team, Team Next Level, and don’t already have a Team Beachbody account, just click here. If you do have a Team Beachbody account, feel free to reach out to me at coachspence8@yahoo.com and I can give you the next steps from there.


  • Thanks Josh for this post – this is exactly the information I’ve been searching for all day today. I’ve been invited by my coach to become a coach but I’m a bit concerned because she doesn’t appear to be connected to a larger, more engaged team. Is it impolite to ask my coach what team she is on and what resources are available to me beyond her?

    • Not at all Rachel. You want to join a team that has proven success and a training system in place. Remember, this is a business!


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