Surprising My Parents With a C6 Corvette

My parents mean the world to me. They have done so much for me over the years and are a major reason why I am where I am today with my family life, business, and health. They have brought me up to care about others, put family first, give back, live with integrity, but yet be strong, independent, and to always push hard for my goals and dreams. Growing up our family motto was “Spencer’s Never Quit,” and no matter how hard things got, how bad we wanted to give up, my parents drilled that motto into our heads and we would always figure out how to make adjustments and continue moving forward. On top of all that, they made incredible time and financial sacrifices to get me the proper training for baseball and to allow me to travel all over the country, and they made it happen even when they were working long hours and struggling financially. I have a ridiculous amount of love and respect for them and wanted to figure out a way to show them how much I appreciate all they have done, and that’s when the idea of purchasing their dream car, a C6 Corvette, came to mind.

For years I wanted to do something, but unfortunately wasn’t able to afford it. However, Corvette C6over the past 5 years my Beachbody Coach business has increased so much that not only has it given my family and I complete financial freedom, but it has allowed me to do some things for the people I care about most, my friends and family. To me that’s what it’s all about, giving back, and I get this incredible feeling of fulfillment whenever I am able to do something for someone else. Anyways, something that my parents and I really enjoy doing with each other is cruise in our cars. I had a 2011 BMW Z4 and they have a BMW 1M, and whenever it’s nice out we take the tops down and just cruise around town together, stopping at different coffee shops and car shows and just enjoying the time with one another. Back in July I decided that I was going to get rid of the Z4 and purchase a 2014 Corvette Stingray and thought to myself how cool it would be if they had a Corvette as well so that we can put our cars in car shows and even join a Corvette Club together. That’s when I started picking dad’s brain to see exactly what kind of car he wanted.

Black 2008 CorvetteIt was interesting because they had absolutely no idea what was coming! I kept saying things like, “Well whenever you do eventually get your Corvette, what year and color do you want?” Over the course of a few months, I literally found out everything I needed to know to purchase my parents their dream car. I went up to the sales rep at Doug Chevrolet (Brian McGuinness), the one who sold me my Corvette Stingray, and told him what I wanted to do and exactly what I wanted, and after about 3 weeks he had found the perfect car. It was a black 2008 Corvette Z51 coupe with black interior, a carbon fiber dash, and a performance exhaust upgrade. It was PERFECT and everything that they were looking for! I went ahead and bought the car (paid cash thanks to Beachbody) and worked with the dealership in planning something very special to surprise my parents.

A few days later I texted my parents and told them that “the car arrived” and that I wanted Our Familythem to come up and get it with me. They assumed that since I have been waiting on my Corvette Stingray for so long that it’s what I was talking about, but of course they were wrong. They met us at our house and we all rode up together. Melinda took mom and Maddie in the 3 Series and I rode with dad in the 1M. On the ride up to the dealership I was ridiculously excited about the surprise and showed it, but dad figured I was just excited about finally receiving my car that I preordered months ago. When we got there, the plan was to walk over to Brian’s desk, which was on the opposite side of the showroom, and then all walk over to the showroom together where “my car” was sitting. We walked over there and there was mom and dad’s car with a large red bow on top and a letter I wrote to them in a card sitting on the windshield. When dad saw it he whispered to mom, “That’s the car I want to get!” not know it was actually his. Then the confusion set in as I walked over, grabbed the card, handed it to them and told them to read it. Here is the video of how it all went down.

As you saw, after they read the card dad was shocked, mom was in tears, and they truly weren’t sure what the heck was going on! After it finally sank in, they were so appreciative and I could see the excitement and joy in their eyes. That moment is one that will always remember.

If you want to experience one of the greatest feelings that you can ever feel in your life, do something for something without expecting anything in return. Truly incredible. This is why I donate, why I help others, and why I do things for family and friends as much as I possibly can. Purchasing a Corvette C6 for my parents was truly an awesome experience and moment, and I know that we will all enjoy our cars together as much as we possibly can. It’s just one more thing that brings our family closer together. I do have to thank Beachbody ¬†for creating this awesome business and opportunity, and my team, Team Next Level, for helping me build a business to allow me to do these things for others.

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