What is the Swoll Squad?

Ah yes, a question that I’ve been getting asked quite often lately. What is the Swoll Squad?  To put it simply, 4 other guys and I decided to team up and form a new group that would give nothing but mass gaining advice to others. We call it a “brotherhood” because, well, not only have all of us have gained a ton of mass gaining knowledge and put on mass ourselves over the years, but we have become great friends as well. It just made sense for us to join forces to give out great supplement, nutrition, and workout advice to put on some size.

How am I qualified? Glad you asked. Bear with me for a minute because I’m going to have to give you a back story. Back in 2008 I decided to go through P90X, not because I wanted to gain mass, but because I was the opposite of skinny and needed to drop some pounds. I gained quite a bit of weight, about 30 lbs, from being so stressed out with my new job as a Financial Advisor. I was working long hours, making cold calls every day and evening, not working out, and eating out every day, a recipe for weight gain. Anyways, after I got incredible results with the program, dropping all of the weight I gained and becoming the leanest I’d ever been before, I decided to shift gears to gain mass. I did a lot of research on supplements, nutrition, and workouts to put on mass and started implementing what I had learned. I ended up gaining about 15 lbs back, but it was muscle this time instead fat. However, I quickly hit a plateau and wasn’t sure what to do to get out of it and keep putting on size.

Then Body Beast was released. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Body Beast is aSwoll Squad Members mass gaining home workout program that was released by Beachbody a few years back. I went through it, followed the recommended diet, workouts, and supplement regimen as closely as possible, and ended up getting great results, adding on another 7 lbs or so of muscle. Afterwards, I began working with bodybuilders, did more of my own research, and began making some changes to my routine. I started taking additional high quality supplements, adding in some new exercises, switching up some things in my diet, and slowly began gaining more weight. Currently, I’m sitting at around 180 lbs, the heaviest I have ever been (I’m 5’7″), and the strongest I’ve ever been as well, all while still maintaining a six pack. The crazy thing is that I’m still seeing progress. Most of the other Swoll Squad members have a very similar story, and some of them have even taken part in a few bodybuilding competitions.

Swoll Squad Mass GainSo how can you get involved with the Swoll Squad? First, go over and “LIKE” our Swoll Squad Facebook Page. On the page we are always posting mass gaining tips and helpful articles and videos. Next, each month we put together a mass gaining group that you have the option to be a part of. The 30 day group is called the “Man Cave,” and we do our best to create an atmosphere of just that, a Man Cave. When I think of a Man Cave, I think of a place where guys can hang out, have a good time, talk about whatever we want to talk about, have no filter, and that’s exactly what we have created in the group. At the same time, though, we will be giving great mass gaining advice, recommending certain supplements, routines, and nutrition plans for you to follow. Whenever the time gets close for the next Man Cave to start, we will promote it over on our Facebook page, so always be on the lookout. So that you can always get updates from us, after you “LIKE” the page, make sure you click “get notifications,” which is located in the drop-down menu when you hover over the “liked” button. If you have any questions about the Swoll Squad or the Man Cave, just contact me.

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