Project Total Shift Testimonials


Marc A.

“10 months ago I weighed 229 pounds and my health was dangerously spiraling downward. Today I am 55 pounds lighter and have waist 4 pant sizes smaller and I owe it all to Josh Spencer. The knowledge Josh has on fitness programs and also on a healthy diet and supplements is second to none. He has been here to support me 100% of the way and has always made time to give me his advice or push me when I needed motivation the most. The biggest thing I’ve learned from Josh is to drop the excuses and success will follow. I am proud to now be a coach on his team and will continue to seek Josh’s knowledge in order to hopefully be the support to those that I coach just as Josh has been for me.” 


Marc V.

“I️ started working out about one year ago . I️ was doing p 90 x off and on for about 4 months with some weight loss. Then one day I️ came across Josh Spencer on Facebook. Something clicked so I️ asked him for advice and followed his recommendations. After 1 round of p90 x with his advice on supplements, I️ achieved results I️ never thought I️ could. Went from 250 pounds when I️ started down to 185 pounds. Yes he didn’t do the work but his encouragement was invaluable. It is definitely life changing and I️ can’t thank him enough. I️ also have to thank my wonderful Family and Beautiful wife for all their support. I️ did this to be a better father and husband. I️ was just tired of sitting on the couch! Anybody can do this – not to mention getting off all the medication I️ was on!”


Richard R.

“I have come such a long way since joining, both in my fitness levels and in my mindset. All i wanted was to get a little bit fitter, but I’ve found a new healthier lifestyle and some great friends along the way. I look forward to what the next program will do. The differences in the pictures are from Core de Force and ShiftShop and part way through BodyBeast!” 


Sara N.

“This was my second round in this group. So far I have lost just over 16lbs and am two weeks away from completing T25! This group has given me tons of extra motivation. Seeing everyone’s results and them continuing on their journey is such an inspiration! And Josh has been awesome! He has given lots of personal support by checking in with me often to see how my diet and workouts are going and seems to always put the right post at the right time in the group to keep you going just when you start to get a little weary. Looking forward to the next month!”


Sam P.

“Why total shift premium? When you pay for something you make your own. When something is given to you for free take advantage of it. Total shift premium has been the change that I needed for my life. Working out is now something I do. It’s that simple, I work out. It wasn’t always this way. I was a stopper and starter. I started to work out so many times over the years. I have a portfolio of before photos, but never any after photos. My new goal is to never really have an after photo, but just consistently have better looking process photos. Total shift premium has given me the accountability that was missing and the support I need to push through barriers, adjust for injury, and crack up when I need a good joke. Oh and before I forget I’m also getting the best shape of my life. 10 months in this is my new gym. I see my workout buddies everyday, here on Total Shift Premium.”


Jason S.

“Being a member of the Total Shift Premium Group has been such an amazing experience! It has kept me motivated and helped me stay on track with my fitness goals. Josh has helped me with organizing my health and fitness by recommending the proper exercise and nutrition plan, his knowledge and expertise has completely changed my outlook on life! For the past 9 months I’ve been committed to making progress not excuses. I learned that progress is impossible without change and in order to get results I needed to change my mindset. Best of all, I recently finished up with Body Beast, and Insanity Max 30 prior to that. Now down 4 waste sizes, and literally in the best shape of my life. I truly believe in the BeachBody programs and how well they work, and if you’re ready to commit to the change, I guarantee the programs will work for you too.” 


Bobby G.

“I can’t say enough about how great the exercise programs are! Very convenient, and home based, so you just hit play and go through the motions, and modify if you must. The real value in these programs is the guidance and expertise of Josh Spenser. His no excuses attitude is what attracted me to him to begin with, but that’s just a very small part of what he brings to the table. He’s helped me with motivation, nutrition and has opened my eyes to the harmful, toxic waste we call “food”, not just for me but what I feed my children as well. The groups are amazing and helps keep me accountable to myself. Josh is the real deal! He’s always there when you need him, if you have questions, helps you through your struggles and doesn’t sugar coat anything! It’s not always easy, the struggle is real, but with a coach who truly does care, you’re ahead of the game! I have been more active since last October, and have stayed more consistent these last 8 months because of my relationship with Josh. Thanks Buddy! I still have a long road ahead of me but its now a priority!”


Sean K.

“Overall I lost about 15lbs between photos and dropped 2% body fat. The 30 day group was something that I had been looking for and quiet frankly needing. I needed accountability paired with support and innovation. I used these words specifically because accountability meant I am keeping true to my words and promises, support because constant positive affirmation and aid truly helps the mental and psychological struggles, and lastly, innovation, which means a new method or product. The methods of 30 random strangers helped myself form a unique nutrition plan that truly made a difference. Josh FINALLY talked me out of excuses and into buying Shakeology, after years of trepidation and doubt about the product. Shakeology has been a game changer for me! As a shake, smoothie, cake, pancake, it’s delicious and highly diverse. It kept me full for hours and reduced my cravings. I cannot wait to start round 3 of the badass challenge and start to bulk and build muscle after a month of shredding!”

“The Become a Badass group is a great resource because it can be used in a lot of different ways. I, personally, do not like posting everyday as I like to keep social media use to a minimum. However, just knowing that others are fighting everyday makes me want to fight everyday. I know that I have a support system if I need it too. When I make a post and see the comments and likes I receive, it really makes me feel supported.” – Patrick J.

“This group has helped me stay on track and given me the motivation to continue each day. This opened my eyes to how great these groups are. When you don’t feel like working out, or eating right, your fellow members are there to keep your eyes on the prize. Ultimately you are in charge of yourself, but the extra push from the members keeps the goal in sight. I look forward to joining more groups with Josh and reading all the info he has in nutrition and fitness. This is a journey for life and im thankful for my coach jamie for introducing me to this. And again, thanks josh for helping all of us.” – Kyle P.

“I was stuck in a major rut and could not get myself motivated to jump back in and stay in. Then I got an email from Josh Spencer about owning my bullshit. I joined the Become A Badass group and it was exactly what I needed. I’ve now done 29 workouts in 30 days. I’ve lost 30lbs and about 8 inches overall. No cheat meals and I got some great advice on supplements. I feel better, move better, have more energy and I notice my attitude is much more positive. Everyone in the group is grinding right along with you and the thought of disappointing any of them or the coach is not an option!” – Billy R.

“Josh’s group worked great for me. I’ve dropped 12 lbs …put on some muscle …but more important than that, I’ve changed my bad habits. I eat clean…use Shakeology and workout 6 days a week. My greatest stumbling block was my own mind. This group, with Josh’s guidance helped me reprogram my mind. I’m good now!” – Joey W.

“Josh Spencer and his 30 day group has literally changed my life! As cliche as it sounds it’s the absolute truth! I’m just getting started in my second 30 day challenge and this program is exactly what I needed to get my self out of the unhealthy death rut I’ve been living in for the last 6 years! Josh is a student of health and fitness and can point you in the right direction regardless of your personal circumstances. His no excuse attitude is exactly what I needed. No it’s not easy, yes you will sacrifice and yes you will have to work hard! That said, without Josh and his guidance I wouldn’t have the huge head start I’ve got now. In 30 days I went from 258lbs to 241lbs. I followed his advice, got the supplements my body needed for fuel and I did as I was told. I got up daily, grinded out my workout and the results are amazing! But… Being a part of the Become A Badass group and having an expert in health and fitness walk you through it as your personal coach is what it takes, the accountability, the comrodary and the frienships gained have been amazing. I can’t wait to see where I’m at 6 months from now. Invest in yourself! Set small goals and watch your life change for the better. You deserve it! Thank you Josh!!” – Robert G.

“Joining the 30 day group has made a huge difference in how I perceive myself, and more importantly how to fix it. Josh has been there every step. The group itself is always there for support and I’ve used many of the meal ideas to construct what works for me. I’ve not only managed to loose weight and put on some muscle, but more importantly I’ve been able to reprogram my mind ….I look at nutrition differently, and I don’t pass up workouts just because I’m tired or had a bad day. In essence , I’ve created a whole new me! If you’re sick and tired of how you look, how you feel….give Josh a shot and watch what happens!” Joe W.

“Its actually the simplest and best results I’ve ever had from a program. The workouts are right there, no confusion. The diet is very simple to follow. I’m below 300 for the first time in 6 years. Not going to pump rainbows up anyone’s ass. The first week is hard on the mind. But after that, your muscles are less stiff, you have more energy even though you’re pushing harder and you start feeling clean. To achieve my personal goal that I’m pushing for, this is the best group and program I have found. Not to mention all the encouragement and support you get from fellow badasses.” – Hugh W.

“I stumbled on Josh’s page one day, started following him and was really curious if it was worth it. I’ve done beachbody programs in the past, but only sometimes succeeded and it was never long term. Once I started struggling, the coach I had didn’t care to help. I joined the 30 day group and quickly realized it was legit. Josh posted in the group often and even checked in with me personally. He had me read The Magic of Thinking Big. Which was a huge game changer for me. He not only taught the group to focus on small goals first but also about the mental challenge that comes with working out and starting a new program. In 30 days I lost 10 pounds and 4 inches on my waist. More importantly, I feel so much better and I’m finally sleeping better. From now on, I no longer care what the scale says, I’m focusing on how I feel.” – Jenna F.

“Over the years I have let myself go…… Being an IBS sufferer I was using that as an excuse. I would look in the mirror and despise what I was seeing. I would workout, but I wouldn’t workout properly, and I wouldn’t change my eating habits…. I figured, “I worked out! I can eat this shit, and it will even out”. It didn’t…. I wasn’t helping my IBS, my overall health or my state of mind. Just about 2 months ago I lost my job after 25+ years. It’s the best thing that has happened to me. I decided I was going to get back into shape, get my health and my head straightened around and become the best dam Beachbody coach I could be. My wife was ecstatic with my decision already being a coach, and said I should check out Josh Spencer. He was a former athlete like me and had overcome Lyme disease. I watched a bunch of his videos and saw a lot of parallels with me. I started following him and noticed that he was starting up a clean eating one week challenge group. I thought “perfect! I can use this to help me start to get my shit straightened around”, and requested to join. I lost around 12lbs. during that week, but most importantly I got my head right and started a trend of better habits. I was re-energized! Josh mentioned in that group that he was going to hold a month long challenge group to help us Become Badasses. Since I was starting to feel pretty Badass again, and liked the direction I was now heading I decided to join that as well, and I’m glad I did! I met an amazing group of guys, like me, that wanted to get their shit in order. With Josh’s and the groups support I have stayed on track with my clean eating and have consistently knocked each workout out of the park! I am looking forward to doing a second round of the challenge group to stay in touch with Josh and my new brother badasses, and hopefully being able to mentor some new people on the beginnings of their life changing journeys. I owe a lot to Josh and my brothers, and am going to repay them by being the best “me” I can be, and helping as many people as possible become their best as well. THANKS! – Gord S.

“The 30 day group has been a huge help and a daily motivator to know that other fellas are working hard and taking the next step to bettering their health and reinventing the future with Life style change through nutrition and workouts!! Josh is the man, he’s been huge in helping me get initial success and the nutrition knowledge that he has can help eliminate unknown do’s and don’ts with your everyday meals. I’ve very much enjoyed the journey so far with the group and I’m hugely proud of being down (-31) pounds thus far in 23 days since we started!” – John P.

“2 months ago I hit a point in my life where I realized I was starting to hate who I’d become, I’ve tried to diet and exercise on and off for years but never found myself committed. I hit my lowest point I’ve ever been and decided it was time to make a change, the next week I saw coach Josh post about the “become a badass group” and instantly knew I wanted to be a part of it, and WOW am I glad I did. 30 days later I’m 15 pounds lighter and I’m focused like I’ve never been before. Yes it cost time and money to be the person I want to be, but in the end I can say I’m on my way there. This is just the start to a whole new life!” – Brett J.

“This has been the best program I have ever followed. I chose Body Beast and honestly was scared shitless that I would let myself and the team down. Fast forward 30 days…. I did EVERY work out. I even added cardio on my off days. This is the longest I have ever followed a strength training program.

Changes I have noticed…..

Feel better. No fast food in 30 days. 3-4 beers total in 30 days. Starting to see little definition in shoulders, arms, and stomach. Getting more stuff done around the house. Love the supplements Josh recommended. Lost a few pounds. Went from ZERO assisted pull-ups to 6. I am more proud of that than anything!!!! And finally… several people I see often made comments as the month continued as to working out and just looking better. All and all this was not a 30 day challenge to me…. it was the first 30 days of the rest of my healthy life!!” – Stephen M.

“I was nervous about joining a group before I joined this group. It’s encouraging and uplifting everyday to see everyone posting about their workouts and what they are doing. If I don’t feel like working out, or if I’m having a bad day I look here for support and I’m instantly motivated to go CRUSH my workout. I was somewhat lost before I joined this group, had no motivation or ambition to workout anymore. Everyone in here is supportive and encouraging. They are here for the same reasons I am, no excuses to not get your workout done, everyone makes the time to get it done and just being a part of this group helps me stay motivated each and every single day. Since joining, I haven’t missed a day working out, I’ve lost 5 pounds and I have been able to consistently stick to my eating plan.” – Joe S. 


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