The New Vanilla Shakeology!

I remember at Summit a few years ago Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, saying that Vanilla Shakeology just wasn’t going to happen. Why? Because it’s extremely difficult to get an ORGANIC vanilla flavor without cutting corners in the quality of the product. That’s not who we are or what Beachbody is all about. We are about creating products that are as good and healthy for you as you can possibly get! We are about changing lives. A few days ago, though, news broke that Beachbody FINALLY figured out a way to make Vanilla happen, and they had to travel around the world to discover it. In fact, the only place that they could find that produced a vanilla bean with the kind of quality that Beachbody wanted was in Madagascar. Now, we have a new flavor of Shakeology, and boy is it good!

What is Shakeology?

Before I get into one of my favorite recipes for the new vanilla flavor, what the heck is it? It’s a meal replacement shake that I’ve been taking every day for the past 3 years. Before I started taking it, though, I thought it was pretty expensive and that I couldn’t make it fit into my budget, but a friend of mine explained that if you use it how it’s supposed to be used, as a meal replacement, it will justify the cost. I then started replacing my lunches with it, and actually ended up SAVING about $6 per meal, $120 per month! Shakeology is literally the healthiest shake that you can possibly drink, having NOTHING bad for it in you. Don’t believe me, check the ingredient list yourself. You talk about high quality, this tops the list. Anyways, in addition to using it as a meal replacement, I’ve been using it lately as a post workout supplement as well, and have seen the best results I’ve ever seen since then. I am probably as lean as I was back after my first round of P90X, but am 13 lbs heavier because of the muscle mass I’ve added on. I’m convinced it’s because I’m feeding my muscles with the proper nutrients, protein, and carbs that’s in Shakeology.

Because I got excellent results from it, I started recommending it to all my friends, family, and the people that I coach (if I’m not your Coach yet, click here, it’s free to sign up). The majority of the people who have used it CONSISTENTLY (not just one day or week) has experienced some sort of results from it. For example, my dad lost 35 lbs, mom 15 lbs, sister 25 lbs, and wife 35 lbs, all from using it on a daily basis. I actually lost about 15 lbs or so during my first month of using it, and since then I’ve been hooked! Thousands (yes, thousands) of people I know have tried and been using it every day just like me. It’s something that WORKS, and that’s why I recommend it so much.

My Favorite Vanilla Recipe

Like I said, Beachbody just released the new Vanilla Shakeology, and I’ll tell you what, this stuff is GOOD! I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but with the recipe that I used, I’m more than thrilled, and can’t wait to start using this along with my other flavors. Anyways, here’s my favorite recipe to use with the vanilla. Make sure you blend these up! 🙂

  • 8 oz. unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 serving Vanilla Shakeology
  • 1 teaspoon raw local Honey
  • 1 tablespoon organic Peanut Butter
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 cup of Ice

What about Vanilla Shakeology samples? Yeah, I’ve got those too. We wanted to be one of the first to send out samples of the new flavor, so we decided to purchase a box of samples right there at the Beachbody Coach Summit and are ready to send them out. However, there are a few requirements first!

  1. I have to be your Beachbody Coach! If not, click here.
  2. You have to be SERIOUS about purchasing if you like the taste! I have no issue with sending out the sample, but if you don’t plan on purchasing if you like the taste, please don’t request one because it does cost me about $10 to send out a sample. This is something that I’m confident will work for you because of how it did for me, my family, friends, and the other people I coach, so please only request one if you’re really looking to make a change in your health! To request one, either contact me on my Facebook Page or email me at

Vanilla Shakeology is definitely one of my new favorite flavors in addition to the Tropical and Chocolate Vegan, and I’m really looking forward to incorporating it into my diet. It seriously rocks, and I’m very impressed with it’s natural vanilla taste. Shakeology is truly amazing, and I’m so glad that Beachbody came out with such a high quality product!


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