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After my wife had our baby Madison, one of the first things she told me was that she really wanted to get herself back into shape and find a great workout after pregnancy. Pregnancy causes a lot of stress on a woman’s body, and no matter how hard you try, it’s extremely tough to stay in shape. You can’t work out, it’s tough to eat right (although it’s VERY important that you do), and chances are you will be out of shape after you have your child, but that’s normal! Don’t stress out too much because you can find a great workout after pregnancy to get you back into your pre-pregnancy form, or even BETTER! In fact, as you can see from Melinda’s P90X results above, she actually got into the best shape of her LIFE after she had Madison!  It just takes some serious commitment and dedication to a healthy diet and workout program.

Finding a Great Workout After Your Pregnancy

What is the best workout after pregnancy? If you would ask Melinda or I, OF COURSE we are going to say P90X! P90X changed my life a few years before that, and it changed hers after she had Madison. What is P90X? It’s a 90 day home workout program that has a balance of cardio and resistance training. Each month you change things up, new set of workouts, new diet, and that causes muscle confusion, allowing you to never hit a plateau. This is one of the things that attracted me to the program in the first place! Most women quickly hit a plateau after pregnancy, but P90X allows you to continue seeing results. If you want to know how to get in shape after pregnancy, this is the way to go.

Post Pregnancy Health Tips

I figured I would take a few minutes and give you a few healthy tips for how to get in shape after pregnancy.

(1) Wait 6 weeks! When Melinda had Madison, the doctor told her to wait 6 weeks before working out, and she did just that. MAKE SURE you talk to your doctor and see when would be the best time for you to work out after you have your child. You don’t want to jump into a workout sooner than you should. If you do, you could have some serious complications, and well, you don’t want that.

(2) Start eating healthy RIGHT AWAY! After you have your baby, be sure to start eating healthy immediately. Hopefully you didn’t go crazy and consume everything in sight during your pregnancy, but if so, it’s time to make some changes. If you really want to lose weight after pregnancy, you absolutely 100% have to follow a healthy diet! Thankfully P90X has a diet plan that’s pretty easy to follow. It shows you how many calories you should consume, and breaks down the macros (fat/carbs/protein) according to which month you’re in. In the beginning of the program, you start out with lower carbs and higher protein, and then you gradually add in more carbs each month.

(3) Pace yourself. Again, for 9 months you carried a baby and weren’t able to do any vigorous workouts, so you’re probably not in very good shape. P90X is a tough workout after pregnancy (It’s tough PERIOD!), and it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you pace yourself when just starting it! If you struggle, take a break. If you have to, follow the modified versions of each exercise. Tony Horton shows you how to do them in the videos. Understand that there is nothing wrong with modifying at first! However, make sure you push yourself as much as you can.

(4) Log your diet. This goes right along with #2, but make sure you log what you eat every single day into a site like My Fitness Pal. This will keep you on track with your calories and macros each day. My Fitness Pal actually has an AWESOME app that I think is even easier than the site to use! Pretty much any food, meal, or restaurant that you can think of is in their database.

(5) COMMIT! This is key. It doesn’t matter what workout after pregnancy you do, the key to losing weight is to commit to the program for the ENTIRE 90 days! Will it be hard? Of course, but if you want results, then you will commit yourself entirely. This means that you need to commit to BOTH the workout and the diet! If you can do so, you’re not going to believe where you will end up. Just take a look at my wife’s P90X results in the video above!

Hopefully you found this post helpful. A few other programs besides P90X that Melinda and I recommend for losing weight after pregnancy are Turbofire and Slim in 6. They both make for a great workout after pregnancy! If you need help, Melinda is a Beachbody Coach like I am, and will help you through the program 100% of the way. To make her your coach, just click here! It’s free to sign up.

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